Friday, April 27, 2012


Just thinking about typing this blog post makes my head hurt.
SO much planned. SO much awesome.

June 1
Husband comes home from a year-long deployment in Kuwait. This one speaks for itself!

June 2
We're (FallenArchangel) doing a fan event in Washington DC with Becca Fizpatrick!  Hanging with Becca and her fans IN PERSON. Email, Skype, Twitter etc. are great and all but nothing beats spending time with awesome people in real life. This will also be my 4 yr old's first time seeing DC so even though I used to live there, we're going to do it up old school tourist style with a night tour of the monuments and visit as many Smithsonian museums as we can fit in. Though I think he's most excited to meet Becca's sons after hearing they're Star Wars fans too. (No worries. He's been briefed on the dangers of wielding a light saber anywhere near the White House) If you're near the DC area please come and join us!

June 6
BEA! Ok, last year was a little rough when it came to getting from point A to B to C and back again and we had no idea what to expect. Insane. But this year we've got it covered. For starters, my sister and I are taking a bus into the city and only staying for the day. Then there's the freaking fantastic part about being there the day of Becca's FINALE cover reveal and signing, and more time with Becca! Veronica Roth, Stephanie Perkins, Kristin Cashore (and many other incredible authors) are signing that day too. Like I said, SO much awesome.

Me (left) and Jenn (right) on top of the Rock last year before BEA. SO cloudy
you couldn't even see the other buildings, or our faces!

June ?-?
Still working on exact dates but we're heading to Florida again for 7-8 days to spend time with the husband's family, hit Disney World, Clearwater Beach, and whatever else we decide to do. And I get to actually sleep past 6am and have long stretches of writing time. For the record, I'd totally rather skip the parks (yes, even Harry Potter) and spend that time at the beach. Battling hordes of sweaty tourists and standing line is so not my thing. Sitting in the shade of a big umbrella, digging my toes into sand as soft as baby powder, listening to the waves, reading a book, and watching husband and son build sandcastles--yes, please.

Nate soaking up the sun at Clearwater Beach last summer

June ?
One of my best friends, a friend I've known forever (even our moms were friends when they were pregnant with us) is due with her first child (a boy!) at the end of June. All of my childhood memories involve her and her family and she stayed the night at the hospital when my son was born. Also, her and her husband might be the nicest most generous people on the planet and will the best parents. Ever. I MUST be there when little man arrives.

I can't wait for the fun to begin. Bring on summer! 
But I'm still hoping May holds some awesome surprises too...

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Martha Ramirez said...

Yay!! Can't wait for your hubby to be home with you where he belongs!!

Aww I wish I could go!! My two fave Becca authors!!:)) Love both of you.

Hope you have a blast again in FL! What a beautiful pic of Nate!!

And big congrats to your friend who is expecting!