Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Awesome. Awesome. AWESOME.

As if it's not exciting enough that Miranda's book comes out next month (eek! some have even shipped early), now her fabulous swoon-worthy debut, CATCHING JORDAN, has a book trailer!

And I love it.

GO Miranda and Jordan!

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Netherland said...

The characters were fantastic! Jordan was an amazing heroine, and she was so strong...physically and psychologically. She knows what she wants, and has her mind made up. She also knows when it's time to change her mind and be open for those changes. Jordan's football teammates were awesome, and I loved their relationships. They respected her, and were her best friends. It was also adorable when they stood up for her. Her relationship with her brother was awesome, too. My brother and I are definitely not that close...and I think maybe that's a good thing. I don't really want to start talking about boys with him. :P Anyway, I loved Jordan, and her friends...and now onto her love interests. Oh, Ty, well Ty was gorgeous, sweet, and I liked how his relationship with Jordan changed. I won't tell you those changes, so you'll have to read about them. Then there was Henry. I loved him as her best friend, and again,