Thursday, May 12, 2011

Editor Interview, a contest and an epic finale!

Woops! I meant to share this last week when I posted it on Fallenarchangel but forgot all about it. Better late than never. If you're a writer you really need to check this out. I got the chills reading what Molly had to say about reading Veronica's submission and just her obvious passion for the story and characters and author. I dream of working with an editor like this. Good stuff! Plus, I freaking LOVE this book. And if you happen to read this before May 13th then go enter the contest. We have 5 copies of DIVERGENT to give away this week!

You can find the interview with Molly here.
Enter the contest here. (Ends Friday, May 13 at midnight EST)

And tonight is the big night. The Vampire Diaries season 2 finale. Eeeeee! Last week was huge so it's hard to imagine what they can do tonight that would end the season in a bigger way. I'm part afraid, part excited, part sad to see what will go down.


Kelsey said...

Hello my possible relative! LOL so what did you think of the finale? My thoughts: OH MY GOD WHEN DOES SEASON THREE START?! (Answer: September 2011. SQUEE!)

I don't usually do obnoxious all-caps but when it comes to this show I make an exception.

Rebecca L Sutton said...

Hi Kelsey! I totally agree with that. Season 2 was epic and I'm dying to see what season 3 will bring. TVD IS WORTHY OF ALL CAPS! lol What will happen to Stefan???? What did that kiss mean? And Jeremy?????? SO much to ponder over the summer!

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview, Rebecca.

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