Monday, May 31, 2010

My first interview and coming up in June...

The fabulous Dorothy Dreyer asked me to do an interview about my background and writing on a blog she created to support other writers. Seriously, how great is she for taking time to do that? I'm so excited about my WIP that I was thrilled to have the chance to chat a little about it and she asked fabulous questions so if you have a second stop by and check it out here. Thanks!

Hope you're having a wonderful long weekend too. Mine has consisted of writing, hanging with the family, a cook out, cocktails, our own little mini fireworks show in the driveway, and some shopping. So it's been awesome, just wish we could extend it a few extra days.

Stay tuned because coming up in June I'm introducing my new beta reader for my first MG book I'm working on this summer. She's 10! I'll also share my journey of stepping outside my comfort zone to write something that includes no romance, no cursing, and definitely no sexual tension. Gasp. Nothing but adventure, fun and friendship. Which means I'm either out of my mind or brilliant... just please don't let me watch or read any Harry Potter because I'll surely reconsider.

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