Monday, January 4, 2010

I feel like I'm the one starting school...

Tomorrow is the big day. My little guy starts his very first day of any organized activity away from home with strangers! Gah, how did he even get to be two in the first place, and now school?

I caught myself feeling all anxious about tomorrow and realized I pretty much feel like I'm the one starting school for the first time. The irony is that since it's his first time he isn't a bit nervous. Because let's face it, does he even get what's going to happen? And if he does there is not a thing to fear. He gets to go have fun for two and half hours with kids his own age, dancing and singing, having a snack, playing with cool new toys, and making all sorts of messy crafts. Sound good to me. I know he will love school and with his outgoing and happy-go-lucky personality he'll be fine. Better than fine. Heck, even I would love to do that and I'm thirty.

Here's a little idea of what's going on in my head.

Will he cry when I leave? Will he make friends? Will he share? Will he get picked on? Will he be scared? Will the teachers think he's a good kid? Did I teach him his manners well enough? What if he picks his nose and wipes it on the table?

Even if the answer to all of these questions is the opposite of what I hope for, who cares. Most kids do cry and forget to say thank you most of the time. I am by no means an over protective parent yet I'm still super anxious on this whole leaving him with strangers thing. So I keep reminding myself how great this will be for him, for both of us actually. The benefits are obvious for him, the social interaction with kids his own age and adults outside of the family, learning, independence, the list goes on and on.

But even Mommy gains a lot out of this one. For the first time in two years I will have guaranteed free time during the day. By the time I drop him off and head back that leaves me with two full hours. It's not a lot, but it's heaven for me. That's four hours of writing time I didn't have before. I'm so psyched about it that I'm not even going home, I'm heading right to the library to work in a space free of reminders of stuff I should be doing, like cleaning, and better yet, there's no wifi!

I'd ask for your well wishes and positive thoughts and prayers for my son on his first day of school, but he's cool as a cucumber about it all and will be fine. Guess it's me that needs the positive vibes this time. Then again this is the ideal distraction from waiting to hear back on my first round of queries. Always a bright side.


Christina Lee said...

Yep those first times are tough. My guy used to cry at first but as soon as I went around the corner and "peaked back"--he was done crying and playing already! You'll see, It will good for him AND good for you!! GOOD LUCK!!

T. Anne said...

Aww, I'll be thinking good things for both of you. I'm sure it will go well.

~Jamie said...

I cried... Halle didn't. Is it wrong that I secretly wanted her to be one of those kids that grabbed my shirt and pulled me into the room? She so wasn't!

Kristi Faith said...

By the time he comes home and tells you all about his fabulous day it will be all better for you. However, I remember those times. Both of my daughters flounced into class, cheerily waved bye to me and turned their attention to anything but me. I, walked out a blubbery, crying mess. BOTH times. Yup.


Cindy said...

Those first days with the kids away are tough. I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayer. I think you'll both do beautifully--and it's great that you'll have that special time to work on your writing.

All the best with your queries, too!

Christina Lee said...

wow your list almost matches mine! you'll have to let me know how you liked Shiver!